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Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Introducing the EZ-Access modular ramp system

Modular Wheelchair Ramp

There are times when you will need more than just a single ramp span, whether that ramp span be built from one or more pieces. Or, you will need a single ramp span that is simply too long to come in a single portable package. For all of these situations, we offer the EZ-Access® line of modular ramp systems. Modular ramps can be quite easily disassembled into their individual components and reassembled from those components. Further, each of those individual components are quite portable.

Introducing the EZ-Access® modular ramp system

  • Install a 24' ramp, including handrails, in less than 30 minutes.
  • No need to anchor the ramp system into concrete footings or pads.
  • Ramps, handrails, and platforms are pre-assembled and all are individually portable.
  • All components have captured fasteners; no components that can be lost.
  • Our exclusive "patent pending" connection system eliminates the need to drill or rivet handrails.
  • Build a ramp system for almost any location.
  • Sides are finished and flush, with no hazardous nuts or bolts protruding into the usable ramp area.
  • Powder coated handrails improve grip and ensure superior performance.
  • Extruded skid resistant ramp surface.
  • Integrated independently adjustable supports.
  • Ramps and platforms are made of lightweight but strong and durable aluminum.
  • Low maintenance.
  • 36" width.
  • 850 pound weight capacity.

Components for a 24' ramp

Completed 24' ramp

Powder coated loops and handrails

Detailed Information, Instructions and Specifications

Complete Installation Instructions
Ramp Selection & Incline Chart
Guidelines & Specifications