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Stairlift Covers

Although outdoor stairlifts are very rugged and durable machines, the elements, especially water and UV from the sun, will take their toll. A good quality cover can greatly extend the lifetime of your investment. Our stairlift covers are made from the same premium grade marine canvas that is used for making boat covers. With one of our stairlift covers, you can expect long lasting protection for your outdoor stairlift.

We offer stairlift covers in two different flexible sizes to complement your stairlift and protect it from the elements. Putting on and taking off the stairlift cover is a snap. We have two sizes for you to choose from and you can order them right here or you can use the "View Cart" button below to see what you currently have in your shopping cart.

Standard Stairlift Cover

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Large Stairlift Cover

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